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«Not everything is the making and manufacturing of socks, it is the creation of new experiences»



PERFECT SOCKS it's a Barcelona sock manufacturer born in 1961. As a knitwear company dedicated to manufacturing and making of socks and stockings of all kinds, we have been evolving our products over the years; from the typical basic socks to today's colorful and complex designs, and from high-tops to today's ankle socks and tights. In recent years we have specialized in manufacturing technical/sports, work and personalized socks. With a large investment in technology and innovation so that our customers can enjoy a product that is completely personalized and appropriate to their tastes, desires and needs. We work with companies whose objective is to promote an event or their business through knitwear, specifically socks, stockings and tights.

Experience, seriousness and customer satisfaction are what define us, and what has made us so successful in our work.




History of the Perfect Socks Factory

It all began in 1961 when Francesc Aragonès, with Stander and Komets machines, opened his first small workshop as sock maker, where he begins to design and produce his socks. During that first generation, small diameter circular machines were used.

Nowadays, Perfect Socks (the sock factory is located in Pineda de Mar, Barcelona) is in its second and third generation. Ramón Aragonés (son of Francesc Aragonès) and Marc and Alex (sons of Ramón Aragonés), are the ones who run the reins of the company that produces personalized socks. Currently, the company has some machines Lonati, much more modern than the ones his father used when he started in 1961. New machines that allow differential pressure regulation, invisible seams (lin-toe), anti-pressure cuffs and a host of improvements that allow greater comfort on our clients' feet.

The future of Perfect Socks lies in the innovation and customization of its products, in order to satisfy the needs and desires of its customers.

Do not hesitate to contact us so we can make your sock, We will be happy to help you. To make an in-person visit to the sock factory located in Pineda de Mar, request an appointment by email or by phone.


Compromiso de Calidad

Tanto nuestras máquinas como nuestros materiales cuentan con certificados de calidad que puedes consultar en los siguientes enlaces:

Certificados de nuestras máquinas

Certificados de nuestros materiales


Frequent questions

Delivery times are usually between 5 and 12 calendar days (although it can greatly depend on quantities and design difficulties).

Yes, there is the possibility of making an express delivery, although you must make the consultation and conditions beforehand since the cost may be increased.

The embroidered sock is made of 90% cotton, 7% polyamide and 3% elastane. An embroidered sock is produced for socks where they have less than 8/9 colors in the sock, with figures without many technical details

The sublimated sock is composed of 90% polyester, 7% polyamide and 3% elastane. A sublimated sock or sock is produced where many colors appear on the sock, with many small and difficult details that are well defined in an embroidery.

We manufacture on Lonati machines with 200 needles

In order to start working on an order we need design confirmation and prior payment to put the order in queue. Once we have started working on the sock, we send a photograph of the first sock for prior approval of the design. At that time there is the possibility of making a maximum of 3 changes to the stock of possible modifications to start production.


Making an exclusively personalized sample costs €100 + VAT, which is then deducted from the final order.

We manufacture from size 24 approximately to size 50 approximately. For orders over 100 units we can divide the order into 2 or more different sizes.

Apart from the individual bag that we offer included in the price, we have custom packaging options such as a normal cardboard strip, Kraft strip, label or top cardboard. Everything totally personalized.

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