Do you want personalized socks? Go for it:

Personalized Printed Socks

Don't worry about complicating your design! 

At PERFECT SOCKS we also use sublimation, where we print your designs on our socks so that you can show off very complex designs, whether they are from your company, a sock with the club crest, an anniversary sock, a wedding sock or simply with your favorite photograph. Thanks to our investment in technology and innovation we have achieved a process and quality in both embroidery and printing that few sock manufacturers can achieve.

In the sublimated custom socks, we use a printing process to obtain a design, which can be flat or embossed, using engraved and inked plates on wet paper through a press.

Embroidered Personalized Socks

The star product is embroidered personalized socks. We have new machinery, 200-needle Lonati machines to obtain maximum definition and quality in the sock, and a highly qualified workforce to carry out the embroidery on your socks. Thus reaching the top in the knitwear sector.

Embroidery is the decoration that we make with needle and thread on the socks. The embroidery product is a drawing that can represent logos, texts, drawings and everything you want for your totally personalized socks. Embroidery can add relief to the fabric, shine and richness.

The possibility of entering 7/8 colors per sock.

Size chart

These are the most common size ranges already established for customizing socks, although they can be modified according to the size ranges that the client needs.

The size equivalences are:

  • Children's Size: from size 24 to 30
  • Size S: from size 30 to 35.
  • Size M: from size 35 to 40.
  • Size L: from size 40 to 45.
  • Size XL: from size 45 to 50.

*Any other size that does not appear here, consult by email.

The socks are elastic and flexible, so they adapt to various feet without problem. These measurements are approximate, taking into account that there are feet that are wider, narrower or have different instep shapes. 


Why choose us to customize your socks?

  • We are a MANUFACTURER of socks, NOT Intermediary: we manufacture, handle and ship the final custom sock.
  • Product made in Barcelona: unlike other companies and brands of customizable socks, our product is manufactured and handled in our own textile factory in Barcelona (Spain), which you can visit without any problem.
  • Total sock customization: You can choose an embroidered or sublimated sock, and propose a design to your liking, with a wide variety of colors to choose from. 
  • Packaging customization: In addition to creating your own design for the sock, you can customize the packaging of the sock yourself, whether it is a band or personalized cardboard.
  • Experience and professionalism since 1961 : family business with more than 60 years of experience in the textile sector
  • Latest machine technology: from the Sangiacamo sock machines, to the current state-of-the-art Lonati machines. At Perfect Socks we have relied in recent years on the latest machines on the market, prepared to produce the best possible quality and definition for personalized socks.
  • Flexibility in sizing: We manufacture different sock sizes, which adapt to a range of various sizes. 

We have the best technology to make a sock

How do we do it? We use Lonati machines professionals that allow differential pressure regulation, invisible seams (lin-toe), anti-pressure cuffs and many more features.

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